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The Time is Now

· One min read
Parham Parvizi

Every major company is going through a digital transformation. Data engineers are making it happen. They’re the number one priority right now. Stitchdata posted its research on the job market—finding 6,500 data engineers on LinkedIn—and 6,600 open data engineering positions on Indeed. Companies need to switch to the Cloud to meet shifting customer demand but there aren’t enough workers to make it happen.

You would think existing ETL and data warehousing engineers could do the work. But they can’t. They need to relearn everything on the cloud. They don’t know the critical tools and processes necessary to do the work.

There’s a gold rush of data out there. Unlike the 1849 California gold rush, this is not a limited resource. The collection and utilization of data is near infinite. In 1850, the streets of San Francisco were filled with out-of-work gold miners. Data engineers will never see that stage. If you become a data engineer, you will have a job for life.